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Wishbone Ash are a perennial rock band that, at the time of writing, (2019) were still going strong and gigging with the best of them, albeit with only one original member – the Flying V wielding Andy Powell.

Famous for their impressive twin lead guitar approach, Wishbone Ash have long been one of my favourite bands and I have seen them many times over the years, usually with a slightly different lineup, but always with the same attention to high-quality musicianship that they have always been associated with – Andy Powell just seems to be able to keep on finding top class guitarists; when one leaves, another of equally high quality is found to replace him.

Although they are undoubtedly best known for their 3rd album “Argus” their output has included many other gems and we were pleased to see a new release in February 2020 “Coat of Arms” which in a year when we have been largely deprived of live Wishbone Ash action, was a welcome arrival. Although many people I have met have not really progressed beyond Argus there are many who have and they form the basis of the bands loyal fan base who go to the gigs whenever they can.

Editor’s Note: although a 2020 tour was planned it is currently suspended/cancelled along with those of most other performers, due to the Covid outbreak. We will publish the new tour dates as soon as they are firmed up. Wishbone’s annual celebration, Ashcon, was planned to take place at Chesterfield’s “Winding Wheel” but, alas, that too is cancelled and I believe that the USA equivalent, Ashfest, suffered the same fate. When writing this we had just been told via a government news briefing that a potential Covid Vaccine developed in Germany is looking like a realistic prospect by the end of the year so we may be seeing wishbone and other bands able to tour again in the new year – fingers crossed for live music being back again in 2021.

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