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Founder Member of Thunderclap Newman; Scottish Musician Jimmy McCulloch Died Aged 26 in London

Jimmy McCulloch was a prolific and hugely talented musician who, in his short lifetime, managed to play alongside such industry giants as Pete Townsend, Paul McCartney, John Mayall Peter Frampton and he appeared in several bands including Thunderclap Newman, Wings, Small Faces and Stone the Crows.

Jimmy McCulloch died from a drugs overdose on 27th September 1979, in London. He was aged 26

Something of a child prodigy, McCulloch was playing live in front of audiences before he turned a teenager. His first band as “One In A Million” who are noted for having released one of the most collectible singles ever, entitled “Double Sight” / “Fredereek Hernando” – a psychedelic masterpiece 45rpm single that now fetches high prices when examples come up for sale.

If every famous artist has a “big break” however, McCulloch’s was when he was recruited by Pete Townsend to be a part of his project to build a band around his former chauffeur John “speedy” Keen and piano player Andy Newman after whom the resultant band, Thunderclap Newman, was named.